Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Week Eighteen....

Our theme this week is....

Can't live without.


The one's I love....




  1. Ohhh this one has me stumped because there are so many things that I couldn't live without!!
    Like my DH Baz, my beautiful children Jeffrey & Kirrily and LOVE!!! But most of all the thing that I love to eat most days is Choc!!! So I think I will take a photo of the thing, that my DD said that she thought I wouldn't be able to live without....So are you ready, I am sure you will all have a good laugh out of this photo!!! And totally relate to! Luv Shaz

  2. wait to you see what mine is, it's just as funny Sharon!!! xxx

  3. LOL Mel!!! I am so enjoying this!!Luv Shaz xoxo